Event Waste Management



Event waste management means different things to different events. It is our goal to offer event promoters and venue operators the tools and information they need to ensure that the materials generated by their event are handled in the most thoughtful and sustainable manner possible.


Thoughtfull event waste management depends on a plan and a process. This is a journey that starts with a single step: the realization that it is indeed necessary at all. Events big and small can benefit from our unmatched experience.

Materials Management


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Our team

Willy, Shari and a rotating cast of crew and volunteers have been helping events manage their waste since the begining of the century. This extensive experience has given us a unique insite into the various issues that arise when trying to manage event waste in a thoughtful and sustainable manner.

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Co-Owner, Consultant

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Co-Owner, Diversion Specialist

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Are The Best


We love events. Be it music, arts & crafts or sporting events Waste Free Oregon wants to be part of the scene ... the energy ... the experience. Events offer us a unique opportunity promote community and to educate that community in the ways of thoughtful and sustainable waste management. We also love to pull things out of the trash ... but that is another story.

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What We Do

Hands-On Event Services-This is the backbone of the Waste Free Oregon business model.

Waste Free Oregon is hired to protect events from throwing material into the landfill unnecessarily. We do that by looking at all the materials generated by an event then seperating out those materials that can be diverted from the landfill. By diverted I mean -- recycled, composted, reused ... re-anything but thrown in the landfill. The Eugene Marathon is one of our favorite events. Last year we managed to divert over 80% of the materials generated by the event. It takes time, planning and a huge amount of hard work to get past the 80% mark but even at first time events Waste Free Oregon can often achieve a 70% diversion. Different events require different approaches but in general we use a combination of education, seperation and sorting to achieve the desired results. We provide the following hands-on services:

Pre-event: • Consult and coordinate with event staff regarding best practices in recycling for your event. Planning sessions will involve: event promoter, food vendors, site crew and local haulers.
• Volunteer Recruitment – in many ways our most important job.

During the event:

• Set up and maintenance of public bin collection system throughout the event. At most of our events we employ the Clear Stream collection system with bins being provided by the County. This system has been in use for a number of years locally and is well received by the public.
• Set up and maintenance of appropriate compost and recycling bins for food vendors. The needs of food producers are much different than those of the public – larger rolling bins, are employed as well as “vendor recycling areas.”
• Set-up safe and efficient transfer station and sort area. Assessment and sorting of all materials brought to the station.
• Hand-sorting all compostable materials to eliminate non-compostable contaminants.
• Hand-sorting all recyclable materials to eliminate contaminants and retrieve returnables.
• Maintain liquids recovery system
• Monitor all bins, drop boxes, dump boxes and containers within the transfer station to insure they are being filled only with the proper materials; i.e. waste only in waste bins, co-mingled recyclables (cardboard, aluminum, plastic containers, clean paper etc.) in co-mingled bins, compostable materials only into compost bins.
• Coordinate, train and supervise volunteer staff.

Post Event:

• Maintain post-event recycling presence – until all waste generators have left the event.
• Continue transfer station/sort operation as needed during the critical event break down period.
• Breakdown & clean-up of all bins and other facilities.
• Provide promoter with detailed assessment of the event including: weights and percentages of materials diverted, evaluation of this years event and suggestions for your next event.

Materials Management

from $300

Per Day
  • We provide all necessary bins & signs
  • We set up collection systems for public.
  • We set up vendor recycling areas.
  • Provide crew to handle and sort material.
  • You will receive a post event diversion report.

Educational Services

from $ 40

Per month
  • One on One Consultations
  • Instructional Videos and Step-by-Steps
  • How deal with unusal material
  • Maintain highest use standards
  • During event consustations available


from $ 1000

for large events
  • On-site consultation
  • Pre-Post event planning
  • Co-ordinate with local haulers
  • Solutions for specialized problems
  • Year around planning assisstance




The idea and business model of Waste Free Oregon grew out of a volunteer experience. One that continues to this day. Many events use volunteers to cover a wide range of jobs. Waste Free Oregon has been honored to have the assisstance of hundreds of volunteers giving hours of their time in service to the community. Without our volunteers much of what we do would be impossible. Summer is our busy season so email us now if you are interested.

At Waste Free Oregon volunteer recruitment is a major priority. Along with our event partners we use volunteers to help control and sort materials and to help educate the public so they can make good recycling choices.
As we often mention; different events require different approaches. Volunteer needs and staffing levels vary as well but we almost always have two different volunteer positions at our events. Both jobs have the same mission; reducing waste and raising awareness. But the approach differs. Job descriptions are as follows:

Kiosk Attendant/Top Sorter:

This is the public face of our volunteer recycling effort. Kiosk attendants assist event particpants in making good recycling choices. Kiosks generally feature 3 bins with choices of recyclabeles, compostables or waste. Kiosk attendants help the public make and understand these choices and are generally stationed at individual kiosks. Essentially you are showing the public what a good recycling choice looks like.

Back of House Sort Assistant :

At many of the events that contract with Waste Free Oregon the back of house sort station is the core of our function. It is here we look through all the material generated by an event and decide what to do with it. Some of it of course, is trash and will need to be taken to the landfill. But the vast majority of the material we find is recycable, compostable, returnable or reusable and it takes a bit of sorting to determine exactly which is which. This is where the sort assistant comes in ... truly our most valuable volunteer.

Specialty Jobs :

• Recycling Station Attendant.
• Materials Managment
• Set up, breakdown & clean-up
• Refundables Sort